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Online Training Session 01 : Teaching Comparative Politics from a Mediterranean Perspective

Date : 28 Apr 2023

Place : Online

About the Keynote speaker

The Keynote speaker, prof. Luca Verzichelli, is PACTUM Coordinator and Full Professor of Political Science at the University of Siena. He has held several offices at the University, including Dean of the Faculty of Political Sciences (2009 to 2012), member of the Administrative Board (2013-2016), and Vice-Rector for International Affairs (2016-2022). His work on Mediterranean cooperation and capacity-building, and his rootedness in international engagement with students, institutions, and societies are core assets to achieving PACTUM’s mission.


At the end of this session the attendants will have a clear understanding about why it is important to teach comparative politics in the context of Mediterranean politics. They will have a deeper understanding about how stepping from a traditional "state centered" approach to a "Global politics" approach can help teachers and experts involved in the PACTUM Master's course in their mission to deal with (and explain) the current variance of political regimes.

Training Presentation

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