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Summer School 2022


The Summer Schools will be organised by all the Tunisian universities. They will be offered for free to a number of students  coming not only from the academic sector. Bachelor in any field is the minimum title required.  Starting from the third year, summer schools are also open to public employees. For them, a minimum title is required and the knowledge of both English and French languages is preferable. The program will be of three days of blended classes, and the professors will be members of the Project Partners Staff.

Students, and public employees too, will have the chance to meet other students, teachers and professionals coming from the Mediterranean area and to discuss with them about several topics matching both contemporary issues and necessity. People participating in the summer school will develop a wider knowledge about public policy, democracy, administration. At the end of the three-days workshops, a certificate of attendance will be produced as well (equal to 3 ECTSs).

Output:  Innovative teaching activities for students, public employees, institutional personnel, general public (i.e. specific innovative teaching methodologies, Summer School)

Overall duration: 24 hours in total.

-                     16 hours of lectures/ seminars

-                     8 hours of students’ activity (readings, assignments and preparation of oral presentations in class)

-                     3 days of lessons.


5 short summer schools has been organized in 2022 in the context of the PACTUM project ( The summer schools aim at socializing Tunisian and European teachers and learners, providing intensive seminars in several social science fields.

The Five 2022 Pactum Summer Schools are  :

  • University of SOUSSE

Elections and democratic transitions

[24-25-27 June 2022]

More information

  • University of CARTHAGE 

Powers in crisis

[10-11 Nov 2022]

More information

  • University of KAIROUAN

Populism and democratic transition

[18-19-20 July 2022]

More information

  • University of SFAX

Policies of health and economic crisis managment

[6-7-8 June 2022]

More information

  • University of TUNIS EL MANAR

Human rights in the context of Covid-19 

[19-20-21 0ctober 2022]

More information

Admission to the PACTUM Summer Schools is free for students and the personnel of the consortium, including the European Partner universities and UNIMED.

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