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Online Training Session 06 : Ethnographic Research in Political Science and Political Sociology: Possibilities of contribution and ethical challenges

Online Training Session 07 : From Public law to political science: cross-disciplinary collaboration and interdisciplinary work

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Prof. Garcia Espin presentation

Date : 25 May 2023

Place : Online

About the Keynote speakers:

A  double session held by two colleagues from the University of Granada: Prof Garcìa Espin and Prof. Arjona Sanchez who will discuss about, respectively, Ethnographic research in political science and political sociology: possibilities of contribution and ethical challenges and From public law to political science:cross-disciplinary collaboration and interdisciplinary work. 


This double session with the colleagues from the University of Granada has the specific aim to provide Tunisian PhD students and junior academic staff with new approaches and insights on their research methodology and perspectives to be applied to the topics chosen for their PhD theses. In the first case, Prof. Patricia Garcia Espin focuses on the ethnographic studies as possible extension and further perspective, both for research and for the implementation of the PACTUM MA in Social sciences, on contents to which this approach is related. During the second session, this entire topic will apply to the intersection between Constitutional Law and Political Sciences to offer a possible approach to the teaching of both law and political sciences in the PACTUM MA.

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