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Coordination Meeting - March 2023

Coordination Meeting - March 2023

The call started at 10:30 am. 

· Prof. Verzichelli opens the call by announcing the possibility to extend the project to some forms of international mobility, in particular, to make one European student participate in the third and last cycle of summer school and to host a Tunisian student in the same period.

· All the partners communicated the official dates and topics of the next summer schools which will be held in the months of June and July 2023, except the University of Carthage which will hold its summer school in October because of internal constraints.

The dates and topic are defined as follows:

1. University of SfaxJune 6th/8th, 2023Representative Democracy Today

2. University of KairouanJune 19th/20th/21st, 2023 – Democratic instability and authoritarian revival

3. University of Tunis El ManarJune 22nd/23rd, 2023Public policy, gender and culture.

The classes will be divided as follows: three lectures held by UTM and two lectures held by EU partner institutions.

4. University of Sousse -  July 3rd/4th, 2023 – The Transformation of Local Politics & Policies in Tunisia since 2014

5. University of Carthage TBD in OctoberPublic Policy and Human Rights

Download the full minutes

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